2 apps to make your journey more pleasant

March 29, 2016

Innovative technologies have become irreplaceable companion of any groover, especially when traveling. It makes possible not only to orientate In a foreign city but also to find everything for spending one’s time as effectivley as possible. The most part of mobile applications is ideal for all life purposes.


With little time left till the start of the tourist season, it would be useful to learn about mobile platforms which can considerably ease a traveler’s life. Armenian startups didn’t stay aside and we presents two applications, created at GTC, which will make your journey easier and more pleasant.



LocalzChoosing an individual tour

If you still have some time to plan your journey, you can choose an individual route and a guide to accompany you. Localz app for both iOS and Android created by Armenian developers represents an online platform that allows a tourist either to choose from the existing tours or create a personal tour. After that, the guest receives the pricing from a guide, who can organize the selected tour. The tourist has a possibility to compare the prices and select the most convenient offer. There is also an opportunity of communication between the guest and the guide. At the moment the system is operating, but the developers promise to expand it.



MovieTripFamiliarizing with the sights

Here we are. Look at this wonderful monument. Besides providing the general information about it, MovieTrip application will tell you what movie was shot near this site. first of all, the app will help cinemaddicts and travelers interested in cinema.The app will determine you position via a geo-location system and then show the sites nearby where episodes of different movies were shot.On the other side, using a database of films included in the app, user can learn in advance the exact location of streets, buildings displayed in films.




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