One, two three…Ani is moving towards her goal with confirm steps

April 1, 2016

In 2013 after being  graduated from the faculty of International Relations in  European Regional Academy, Ani was hesitating for a long time on whether to go on with Master studies or to choose another, more perspective field.


She tells, her profession was not so promising due to finding a job and since then she has  hoped to find  a job in Information Technologies . Finally, she made a decision to enter the world of technologies.


Ani started to attend Gyumri Information Technology Centre (GITC) and study web and mobile technologies. Initially, to perceive the following    demanded big efforts . She doesn’t deny that at first there were many difficulties and she even thought she would never succeed in  becoming  a programmer. However, big desire, hard work and being single-minded helped her to reach her goal.


Soon there will be a year since she has been working for  Brick Evolution company which operates in Gyumri since 2015. At the moment Ani is working  to make a programming platform for the  device which  is called Voice Brick . The device is a digital automatic PAX which controls the incoming and outgoing calls of the office.


Ani’s expectations were exceeded,  as at the beginning she hardly believed  to  find a job in Gyumri hoping to do it in Yerevan. But, now she gladly states: it is possible.






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