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Business Services

We offer a comprehensive package of business services to technology companies in any stage of development, from entrepreneurs seeking to build their ideas into successful businesses, to firms looking for synchronization of operations and higher value added. We will assist companies to advance to more innovative services and products, build international business linkages and increase their competitiveness in the global marketplace.
Whether you have products you want to export, or you need to find funding and partners abroad, or research the market and the industry, or simply need to take steps to increase productivity, we are here to provide expertise and support.

Advisory Services

We provide businesses management, legal, financial and sales advisory, assist in the development of corporate strategies. We help to optimize operations and reduce costs, find most advanced technology solutions, modernize and innovate your business for best results and sustainable growth.

Our consulting services are:

  1. Fundraising Support – searching investment and grant opportunities
  2. Business consulting-preparation for negotiation processes
    1. Business planning support – support in preparation of strategic plans, proposals for funding, work plans, etc
    2. Support in human resource formation – preparation of required specialists for particular business needs, provision of trainings, seminars and master classes for respective specialists of businesses
    3. Marketing Support – promotional planning, advertisements, product positioning, searching for sales channels


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