Children from Gyumri continue to create computer games

September 10, 2015

About 200 pupils from different schools of Gyumri participate in ’’Summer School’’ program which is implemented by Enterprises Incubator Foundation within the framework of Gyumri Technological Centre.
Due to the program, which started in August will last till September, pupils learn web-programming and game-making.
A participant of Summer School, a pupil of Academic college Hayk Papoyan mentions. ‘’It is already few classes that I attend and learn web design. The atmosphere here is very good. After completing the course I will continue with this way and I have decided to enlarge my knowledge in GTC.


As we were informed from GTC, during classes the pupils were divided into groups and worked on joint projects. At the end of Summer School pupils who took part in the corresponding courses will present websites and games made by them.
Such programs are highly appreciated by the school directors, too. ’’It creates quite prospective field for our city, especially for youth. We have cooperated with Gyumri Technology Centre since the very beginning within the frames of different programmes.
Our pupils together with teachers of Informatics and Physics have visited Gyumri Technological Centre and did various laboratory work in the centre laboratories. I can say, that all the programs have been accepted by pupils with great enthusiasm. Now many pupils from our school are involved in ‘’Summer School’’ program. Such programmes have great importance for schools’’,- says the director of Gyumri high school N2 Hovhannes Poghosyan.


Gyumri Technology Centre has set up a goal to contribute to the development of professional abilities and implementation of different educational programmes. ‘’The centre, established by Enterprises Incubator Foundation, RA Government and World Bank, pursues goal to turn Gyumri to a regional and international centre of information and high technologies, establishing such kind of development atmosphere of abilities and services which will contribute to the creation of workplaces, will support talented young people and companies to fulfill new business ideas assisting the stable development of the region’’, ‘’Ankakh’’ was informed of this by spokesman service of GTC.






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