Skills Development

Skills Development

One of the important activities of the Gyumri Technology Center is capacity building and provision of diverse educational programs. We are closely cooperating with technological universities in Armenia to ensure up-to-date education sufficient for preparing high-profile professionals for the industry. We are also working to create strong ties between technology universities and the industry to encourage learning partnerships and strengthen the role of universities as active R&D centers.


Our trainings and workshops are held by best professors in this field both from Gyumri and Yerevan. Students with practical and creative approach are encouraged. By the end of the trainings best students have advantage to work in companies of GTC network.

Technical trainings                               

Technical trainings for all levels and age-groups of ICT students and in-service professionals are among the key aspects of our work. We mobilize best international knowledge and top-level professionals to develop and deliver trainings on specific technical issues identified through needs assessments among ICT companies

Managerial training                              

Management is a critical element of business success. In today’s increasingly tight competitionmanagers are expected to display not only administrative aptitude, but also act as facilitators, strategists and communicators able to get beyond boundaries and be proactive to market variations.Our list of managerial trainings covers all aspects of effective management, including general businessmanagement, financials, marketing and sales, negotiation skills, organizational structure and change management. Taught by top-level in-service professionals, our trainings disseminate managerial knowledge among the trainees, and above all cultivate valuable skills of efficient leaders and life-long learners. Designed upon needs assessmentsamong technology businesses, they are tightly tailored to concrete needs and are related to real life scenarios.

School program                                    

The availability of qualified professionals is very important for IT sector development. School has big rolein professionals’ creating and professional orientation. We initiated school program, which supports schoolsin teaching natural sciences. The program includes laboratories, coding, language lessons and clubs. Inthe framework of the program participant schools will have opportunity to carry out experiments and practical trainings in the laboratories, students will participate in English language and coding trainings. The clubs are designed for students, who wish to deepen their knowledge in any direction.

The program is designed for 8 to 18 years old children. The aim of the project:

  • To support schools in natural sciences teaching process
  • To insert modern technologies in education processes
  • To promote high technologies within children
  • To support schools in education improvement processes.