Journey to Gyumri by “Gyumri Walking Tour” Mobile App

July 17, 2015

Press Release

Journey to Gyumri by “Gyumri Walking Tour” Mobile App

Digital Pomegranate, an innovative startup company, based in Gyumri Technology Center is organizing an original and interesting train-trip to Gyumri on July 17, for all those who love traveling, new impressions and who are interested in the IT sphere of Armenia.
During the 3-hour journey an IT conference in the train will be held during which the Digital Pomegranate will present Gyumri Walking Tour Mobile App. This is another novelty in Armenian IT reality and gives ample opportunities to tourists, visitors and citizens to easily find service outlets, art, public and other places in the city of Gyumri.
After the success of Gyumri project, the Digital Pomegranate will offer this Mobile App to international market for towns, communities, museums, galleries and other organizations that need to develop community tourism with new technological innovative solutions.
A walking tour about Gyumri and sightseeing will also be organized for participants, which will be followed by discussion on “Tourism and Technology” in Gyumri Technological Center (GTC) with GTC located companies. Then in the Jazz Club in Gyumri there will be a measurement on “Live and work in Gyumri” organized by Digital Pomegranate and GTech Solutions for “Repot Armenia” fund.
The Digital Pomegranate innovative startup, as well as the other IT startups made their first steps in Gyumri Technological Center, GTC. GTC promotes all startups and innovative companies in the region by creating favorable conditions and appropriate atmosphere for new ideas and concepts to be brought to life.
The Gyumri Technology Center (GTC), which has been established by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, the RA Government and the World Bank, during one year has established of new workplaces while promoting innovative concepts and bringing together the creative youth. Gyumri Walking Tour Mobile App will in its turn foster tourism business in region.

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