The Technology Centres opened in Gyumri and Artsakh change the way of thinking and the quality of life:Bagrat Engibaryan

June 17, 2015

 The Gyumri Technology Centre has recorded significant success during    its one-year activity, primary of which, according to the director of    «Enterprise’s Incubator» Foundation Bagrat Engibaryan’s estimation, is    the preparation of 800 specialists in the sphere of high technology, as        well as the entire occupation of the centre by local startups and    prestigious organizations from Yerevan and abroad which have moved      to Gyumri: «We have succeeded in changing the way of thinking and life    quality in Gyumri creating appropriate atmosphere for representing new    ideas and realizing them with the help of the local specialists» ,- said        Bagrat Engibaryan during the interview with the correspondent of «Noyan Tapan». So, as he said, their aim to create appropriate atmosphere for innovation, development of technological entrepreneurship, improvement of the technologies, widening the companies and attracting foreign investments, has been achieved. According to his words, the specialists from Gyumri don’t try to leave for Yerevan or abroad anymore  to find a job; moreover, they try to start their own business in Gyumri.Engibaryan also informed that in order to create certain way of thinking in Gyumri, the technological centre has begun also to work with schoolchildren in order to help them definitely choose the sphere to specialize when they grow up.

As a reply to the question whether the specialists studied in Armenia are competitive abroad, B. Engibaryan mentioned about Taiwanese company D-Link where 15 specialists are working from Gyumri and there is still a need of 50 more.

«It’s very important to understand how to shift all this to economy and other spheres because these technologies create a great cost and the teams are working with additional cost, so we must be able to direct that additional cost to agriculture, industry»,-said B. Engibaryan, considering that the main power engine of Armenian economy will be IT and success in the sphere of technologies, so human recourses and the opportunity of developing the technological entrepreneurship should be used  maximally.

According to Gyumri’s successful example,  EIF is going to open a technological centre also in Vanadzor. Currently reconstruction activities are being carried out which will be finished in June, 2016.

As B. Engibaryan informed, the foundation of technological centre in Vanadzor will be carried out by 2 stages: at first the technological centre will be built in the area of Vanadzor division of Engineering University of Armenia then the content programs will be invested such as the preparation of proper specialists and business support. The activity of technology centre will include 3 directions: informational technologies, multimedia and engineering.

The director of EIF mentioned the importance of the dispersal of technological centers in order to avoid  concentrating all the experience and knowledge gained from the leading companies only in Yerevan.

Talking about the foundation of technology centre in Artsakh, as B. Engibaryan says, it was interesting to see whether the foreign companies or the ones in Yerevan were ready to go to Artsakh”,- said B. Engibaryan adding that there is already an working American company.

He considers the example of Artsakh also  a succeess because they managed to change the way of thinking there too: “Artsakh people have begun to believe in themselves, have been convinced that foreign companies, regardless of the political situation, go  there where there human recourses and knowledge”.

In order to realize new ideas EIF and the government of Republic of Armenian are holding grant competition regularly among which B. Engibaryan highlighted ”Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program” (STEP) which has a nine –year history. «More than 60 teams apply for grant competition every year. It means that not only the programs are good but also there is a potential», -said the director of EIF.

In B. Engibaryan’s opinion the stereotype that it’s possible to find a job only in Yerevan is in the past. He thinks that EIF, the Armenian government and the private sector have succeeded in proving that it’s possible to do investments in Gyumri and Vanadzor like in Yerevan.

According to  the EIF director’s words  it’s possible to work out a global product from every part of Armenia and sell it in every part of the world which, as he thinks, is a great revolution.

Source: “Noyan Tapan”

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