Time Production company acting in GTC has turned 1 year

August 5, 2015

 Time Production company has turned  1 year. Being Established  and initially starting its  activity in Gyumri Technology Center, the company has had an aim to continue and develop  film and photography art. Providing a variety of services in media industry, Time Production  also has ideas activating the life of Gyumri’s youth.

Time Production’s staff, getting together upon one idea, appreciates the importance of time  and carried out a number of projects in 1 year. The first project was “Happy Gyumri” video,  which represented happy and smiling people of Gyumri in and out of Armenia. “Happy  Aregak/Sun” video is also one of the most important programs where children with disabilities  were represented.

Time Production has also carried out photo series within one year over various important and ridiculous events. You can find additional information about the company in the  following video.

Currently there are about 20 companies located and acting  in Gyumri Technology Center , including Rostelecom, LimeTech, eWorks, Digital Pomegranate, Seven Smarts, Tumo and other companies. Many IT start-up companies has begun their first steps in Gyumri Technology Center. GTC supports all start-up and innovative companies in the region creating favorable conditions and atmosphere for the realization of new concepts and ideas. Gyumri Technology Center established by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, in collaboration with RA Government and the World Bank, promotes the creation of  workplaces in the city, the consolidation of the innovative ideas and creative young people in the IT sphere.



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