“Way to Art” in Gyumri

June 3, 2016

On May 22nd, a seminar called ‘’Way to Art’’ took place in Gyumri Technology Center, the aim of which was to show the role and importance of art in society. The participants of the seminar were 13-18 year- old teenagers from different schools of Gyumri.


According to the organizers, it is necessary to awake love towards art  starting from  this age, since  it is art which brings new quality into society. The spokesmen of the seminar were artists from Gyumri  Armen Ter-Mkrtchyan,  Hrach Vardanyan and Karen Barseghyan.


‘’All people, regardless specialization, are able to perceive art. This seminar was not aimed for artists, on the contrary, it was for those who are not related to art and our purpose was just to show them that everyone can be close to art. Art plays an important role in society, from the point of view of civilization’s  development. Let’s not forget that history, traditions and national values have reached to us through culture’’, mentions the spokesman of the seminar Hrach Vardanyan.

The organizer of the seminar was Time Production together with Gyumri Technology Center.




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