Young people from Gyumri are creating games for Facebook

October 26, 2015

Aghasi has started to deal with creation of computer games since student years. Initially it was just hoppy, later the attitude towards this field increased and began to create games mainly for Russian customers. Then he got acquainted with new methods of programming after which the idea of joining friends and creating joint games came to mind. ‘’ I think that we can create games not only for making people zombies but also for intellectual development’’- says the director of ‘’Annaniks’’ LCD Aghasi Gyurjoghlyan.
He says, they couldn’t have reached such succes alone. When in 2014 they got acquainted with workers of Gyumri Technology Centre, a new way was opened for the young programmers. In the newly built building of the Centre, with its furniture and equipments company ‘’Annaniks’’, which is a leader in games industry , starts its activities. They create games for social networks,which contain mobile solutions, too. ‘’Annaniks’’ is one of the companies which has won co-financed scholarship program of Gyumri( supporters of the program RA ministry of Economics and World Bank) organized by Enterprises Incubator Foundation and works on creation new intelectual games.
The programmer is sure the IT field in Gyumri gives a variety of opportunities to young people to express themselves and sets his own example
’’ When I introduced my idea in Gyumri Technology Centre they advised me to make a business plan, helped to do everything precisely, as a result we particpated and won’’.
Aghasi Gyurjoghlyan mentions that today the best specialists in IT field in yerevan are from Gyumri and all necessary conditions should be made in order to call them back and prevent emigration of new forces.




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